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Make Your Shopify Shop a Success!

Earlier this year I started a drop shipping business on Shopify. At first it started out great and I made about $300 a day. Yes, that’s right 300 buck-eroo’s. A few months in I started running into some problems with the items not being delivered to the addresses, money not transferring into my account, and so on. Needless to say I felt as if I was way over my head. When you start your side business make sure that you actually want to do this and that you have the time and mind set because all of this is super time consuming. You might have 30 minutes to actually rest in a week. Make sure that this is absolutely what you want:

  1. ALWAYS Respond to Your Customers.

This is key to make your business a success. Customers want you to be available 24/7 although you may not always be available because you have kids or a full time job during the day. A good tip is to answer within the same day that your customer reached out to you. Your customers are your business, if they are happy with your services and products they will come back and even recommend you.

  1. Start a Newsletter.

This does not mean that you are going to be spamming your customers that have subscribed. Don’t spam because your customers will unsubscribe and are less likely to shop with you again. They will find you annoying. I always include a promo code for new subscribers.  You can limit one promo code per email in your coupon tab in your shopify store. Keep it short and direct, nobody wants to read a book when they receive an email, get to your point quickly.


  1. Set a Time Frame For Each Activity.

Life is all about a balance and although you won’t have much time for yourself with a full time job and a side business, it is important to prioritize and set a time frame for each activity you do. You don’t want to spend three hours sending emails when you have new products to add to your online store. Estimate how long each activity is going to take and try to keep it within the time limit so that everything that needs to get done, gets done.

  1. Do Not Procrastinate.

This will ruin not just any business but your overall productivity in your day. A good tip is to take little five minute breaks in between two hours or so. This will allow you to stay focused and get back to work with a clear mind.


  1. Get Organized.

This doesn’t just mean in your business but in your life overall. It will reduce your stress and allow you to have more time to focus on the development of your new business.

  1. Add a Variety of Products

Adding a variety of products lets your customers and viewers that you have something for everyone. It will boost your sales tremendously. Reach out to your customers and ask them what kind of products they would like to see. You can do this in a Facebook post or you can add this in the Blog section of your store.

August Beauty Favorites

Naked Foundation- It instantly cleared my skin from the unusual breakouts that I was having. It is also a light coverage but it does cover up blemishes. I haven’t had to use any concealer with this foundation. I absolutely love it!


The Graveyard girl Swamp Queen pallet!! Omg I’m obsessed with this pallet! The colors are super pigmented and just look at those colors. the pallet also has some blushes in there so the pallet is very versatile.




Nyx soft matte lip cream – I usually use the shade Abu Dhabi because of my complexion. I love this product because it doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte lip products do. The are colors are amazing and it is super affordable.


Weight Loss

I recently gained a couple ore pounds than I would like. This came to my attention when my mother as caring as she could told me to watch my intake. And that was the nicest way she knows how to say that I have not been on top of my weight like I usually am. Don’t get me wrong, at times I gain weight like crazy and then I loose it like crazy. This time however it’s different. I have no control over how fast I’m gaining the weight. The jeans that fit me two weeks ago wont zip up anymore (This is without exaggeration).

So I came to the conclusion that I am officially going on a diet… I have said the same thing over and over a million times. I know. However it is better to start and start over and over again than to not do anything at all and just sit down on the couch all day.  I am not a couch potato!

One of my coworkers recommended that I try a tea to naturally cleanse my system before I start. So I am doing just that. I am trying the Yogi super antioxidant tea.Try here!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress! Wish me luck!

AT&T job offer 

Last week I was applying for other jobs when I stumbled upon a job post by AT&T. I have gotten two phone interviews so far but something about this job seems off to say the least. For the training I am suppose to travel to California for a four day training that is paid for by the company. When I was on the phone the HR representative told me that in the next email I receive I should be getting asked for my social security. The traveling and the social security thing is really bothering me. I don’t know if this is legit or just another of so many scams. Is it just me ? 


Some of you may know this and others may be strangers to the idea but single mothers are also fathers. They have to be, they have to be their daughters first love, their daughters protector even when she’s scared as well, she has to be the provider and the housekeeper. She has to do it all, not out of sheer obligation but love. Love in the perfect little person that she held in her arms and promised to always love and protect. Mothers have to be it all at times.

Strawberry shortcake obsession

Ever since my daughter was a six months old we played strawberry shortcake on for her so she would fall asleep. Somehow this worked ( I blame my husband for this) he got her so used to it that now her first birthday party is strawberry shortcake themed.
We have watched every episode, every season over and over again. We know the theme song and when each new character comes in like huckleberry and sweet and sour. Although it isn’t the most educational show ever it does show her good lessons about how to not tell a lie and to be considerate of others feelings.
I have tried to show her Sophia the first and Daniel the tiger but for some reason she has always preferred strawberry shortcake. None of the  other shows don’t catch her attention, she’s just not interested. It is nothing compared to how she reacts to her favorite show , she jumps , claps and dances to the tune.


I have read in one of my school courses that it isn’t recommended to let kids younger than two watch TV. Now I don’t know how u feel about this because my daughter doesn’t watch for hours non stop, she watches it with me when all of my housework is done and after we have played. This show is only pit on once a day before her nap time during the day. It helps her fall asleep but for some reason I feel a sort of guilt letting her watch TV this young. I don’t want to raise a child that is glued to the TV. Does anyone else feel this way?


Why I Married Within My Religion

I met my husband two years ago and married within three months. I have been blessed with a happy and blissful marriage. Now I am not a very religious person nor was I as calm as I am now. I am now a completely different person than I was before. I drifted from relationship to relationships it was nothing. As soon as I met my husband everything changed. I had a new perspective on life and I got closer to my religion and my faith grew. I now believe that everything happen for a reason.

My husband and I combined together like perfect matching puzzle pieces. we have had some rough patches here and there but we have gotten through them together and have got though them even stronger than ever.  I have never regretted getting married so young or so fast.

I got married with someone from my own religion because I wanted someone that shared the same beliefs and morals. I wanted someone that wouldn’t look at me funny because of the thing that I believe in. I’m glad that I have someone to share my religious beliefs and confusions. I have someone that I can pray with. Someone that I can pray with along with ur beautiful daughter. Someone that I trust because of our background and our love together. Someone that its not complicated sharing my life with.

Growing up I wanted a wealthy husband, a handsome husband. Now I’m glad that I met the most wonderful and selfless man, who loves me. I’m fortunate to have that. I’m fortunate to share my life with a man that shares my faith.

Getting a Your little one to eat their fruits and veggies.

Since my little one has been teething and not wanting any fruits and veggies, I’ve been giving her popsicles of fruits and veggies. YUK!

well she seems to love them and they aren’t really that bad. what you need:

  • Popsicle molds (I’ve been reusing the Jello popsicle molds which btw you have to dry. Can anyone say Delish! *stranger screaming “delish”*)
  • water
  • fruits and veggies of your choice ( or you could use Gerber and just freeze that into a popsicle form)

What you want to do:

  • put one part water and tree parts of the fruits and veggies. Note if you are going to use both fruits and veggies  only use one part fruit and two parts of veggies.
  • place inside mold and place inside freezer for three to four hours.
  • run under some warm water before serving to your kiddo and enjoy.

Watch out because this is the messy part!